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Who's Actually Attended This Class?

Who's Actually  Gone Through This?

September 2019 Class


Jennifer Chu, Class of 2019

"Techrec Academy imbued in me a sense of wonder and excitement for the world of tech recruiting. As a former customer success analyst, I started at ground zero. Three months of training and a lot of hard work later, I now have a solid foundation of understanding the recruiting process from end to end (especially in the bay area) and now work at my DREAM start-up as a technical sourcer."

Leslie Batto, Class of 2019

"TechRec Academy has been a game-changer and life saver for me! I changed careers after a family event and stumbled upon recruiting for my company. Being the sole tech recruiter, I didn't have a mentor or a process to follow. I was left to figure it out on my own. That's when I met Aaron and found TechRec Academy! Aaron Ho is absolutely the best teacher, he is patient and very knowledgeable about every aspect of technical recruitment. The content of his curriculum is spot on. Through our TRA homework, I was able to source and make 6 hires!!"


Vivy Chao, Class of 2019


Maria Zhukowsky, Class of 2019

"The best thing about the class is that Aaron doesn’t just lecture the whole time, while the students sit there and listen. There are a lot of critical thinking discussions and Aaron follows up with probing questions to have his class think differently and creatively about different topics. Aaron's classes are hands-on training so it's also great to have practice sessions and apply the learning that was done in class."

Mano Buddhiraju, Class of 2019

"I can now say that this is the only class I never wanted to miss. :) Anyone who is looking to make their career in Technical Recruiting, I highly recommend going through this Bootcamp and this would be the best thing that can happen to you. Highly Highly Highly recommend."


Lucy Thompson, Class of 2019

"Definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made, to be part of TechRec."

Curious what it's like in class? Check out the pictures!

A big congratulations to the 2019 graduating class of TechRec Academy: Melvin, Lucy, Shane, Maria, Pavitha, Richa, Mano, Leslie, Vivy, and Jenn.

"TRA requires a lot of studying and the dedication will open lots of doors. Aaron is very knowledgeable through his personal experience in technical recruiting and is passionate about teaching! He is very easy to work with and is open to new ideas. I learned a lot about recruiting in tech, measuring metrics, and how to better communicate to candidates. I highly recommend TRA to anyone who is interested in tech recruiting because it was a very positive experience and the possibilities are endless." 

-Mia Ha

October 2017 Class

John, Angie, Jason, Mia, and Xuan were part of the inaugural TechRec Academy class. 

The October 2017 class received offers and interviews from companies like Facebook, Google, Cruise Automation, Instacart, Zillow, Vungle, Chariot, Shift Technologies, and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. 

Where do they work today?

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Jason Liu.jpg

Jason Liu

Past: Agency Recruiter

Now: Cruise Automation

"In-house recruitment definitely has changed my life for the better. I have more impact in terms of understanding the business objectives and seeing my hires make a noticeable difference in their respective teams. Better compensation and overall work-life balance. Freedom to manage my own schedule and workflow. Ability to learn more about autonomous vehicles, technical domain areas I recruit for within infrastructure such as Kubernetes, Containers, and GPUs by consulting with my hiring managers and engineering partners."

john ferneborg.jpg

John Ferneborg

Past: Executive Recruiter

Now: X, The Moonshot Factory

"Thanks to the TechRec program I was able to quickly work my way to success and develop my learning as a technical recruiter. Throughout my career, I can now say that I specialize in everything from C-Suite executive hires to technical frontend, backend, and SDK development in mobile advertising, to computational agronomy and biology, machine learning, and quantum physics in an incubator environment. It’s been a wild ride. Thank you, TechRec!"

Angie Neale.jpg

Angie Neale

Past: Agency Recruiter

Now: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

"Today I am a technical recruiter with a world-renowned organization known for some of the top engineers working on state of the art technology. I am also making almost twice the salary I made prior to joining TechRec academy, recruiting and sourcing for engineers and partnering with technical leaders... I am thankful to Aaron and Cody for an amazing journey they allowed me to be a part of their first TechRec Academy group of students and I am thankful for the friendships and professional connections I developed as a result." 

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