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Are you an experienced technical recruiter looking to sharpen your Technical Recruiting skills?  We created TechRec Academy to help experienced recruiters who want to break into recruiting at top tech companies. At TechRec Academy, you will learn the technology, skills, and industry knowledge needed to excel as a recruiter at any technology company.


After the course you will understand how to work effectively with the hiring managers, find the right engineers through creative sourcing, and how to build an effective candidate interview process. You can find more topics on our Classes page

What Do Technical Recruiter Salaries Look Like?

Data from

Sr. Tech Recruiters in San Francisco earn an average of $110,000/year
Tech Recruiters in San Francisco earn an average of $75,000/year
That's 20% higher than the average recruiter!
That's 77% higher than the average recruiter!

"Hiring a Senior Technical Recruiter is more difficult than hiring a Senior Engineer"

- John Vlastelica, Recruiting Toolbox

Recruiters We've Trained Have Been Hired At:

"Recruiters are in an incredible position to create the cultures that accelerate change."

-  Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-In-Chief, Huffington Post

"Mark Zuckerberg says he spends half his time recruiting." 

- Reid Hoffman, from The Start-Up of You

"We are not going to be relevant unless we are inclusive, unless we are representative of who we serve." 

- Jack Dorsey, CEO, Square and Twitter