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Although he earned his degree in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, Aaron didn't pursue a major-related career. Instead, he joined Riviera Partners, where he spent 5+ years recruiting software engineers and engineering executives for innovative tech companies. It was during this time Aaron discovered his passion for training and mentorship. He redesigned Riviera's recruiter training program, and he was in charge of hiring, training, and managing new technical recruiters. Now many of the recruiters he's trained are running talent acquisition at many of the top tech companies. 

When Cody approached Aaron about building TechRec Academy, Aaron jumped on the opportunity to combine his recruiting background with his passion for training and development.

After 10+ years in the recruiting industry, Cody has hired and trained over 50 recruiters, some of whom now work at the world's best technology companies.


When not recruiting or training, Cody loves sharing recruiting insights at Talent42 Conference, LinkedIn, Silicon Valley Recruiter Association, RocketSpace, FounderWorld and organizing Recruiting Roundtables.


Cody never imagined himself founding a recruiting agency when graduating from Duke University in 2005, but a strong network and passion for startups led to him founding RockIT Recruiting in 2011 and TechRec Academy in 2017.

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