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What happens when you bring together Recruiting Leaders from Instacart, Cruise Automation, and One Medical and put them on a panel? Why, The First Big Recruiting Event of 2018, of course!

Watch the highlights video from our first Tech Recruting panel on Technical Recruiting: The New Critical Career. 

Thank you GregTutramMatt, and Joey for sharing your insights on technical recruiting and what makes it a great career option.

Want to be invited to our next panel? Contact us today to find out more.

The short supply & high demand of Tech Recruiters

Most software engineers attend four year universities to study Computer Science or similar fields, spending countless late nights poring over personal projects, coding exercises and actual work to become masters of their craft. Becoming an engineer is hard. And these days every company needs to hire LOTS of engineers.

RockIT Recruiting is excited to announce the launch of TechRec Academy, the only formalized training program for technical recruiters. 

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